Calgary International Airport – YYC

The Calgary International Airport (Known as YYC) Is an international airport terminal serving the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area.
The airport is approximately the size of 20.82 square kilometers (8.04 sq mi) and is the 3rd busiest airport in Canada and the busiest airport in Alberta, Canada.
The Calgary International Airport (YYC) serves not just Calgary, Alberta, Canada area but also serves Cochrane AB, Airdrie AB, Chestermere AB, Okotoks AB, Strathmore AB, and not just the greater Calgary AB Area but also southern Alberta.
Being the 3rd busiest is no easy feat for the Calgary International Airport (YYC), built in the 1930s the airport is now home to four runways, two terminal buildings with five concourses for the airport passengers, and employees hundreds of people in the Calgary AB area.

In terms of flights per day, the Calgary International Airport (YYC) has over 18 million passengers and more than 4,000 cargo landings (To the fact sheet statistics on Getting all this traffic passing through the airport the infrastructure has to support this many people in the airport area and has long-term parking, a7 level parkade scattered in the airport and in total houses over 7,000 parking stalls reserved for travelers.

Although there is no LRT going to Calgary International Party there are many ways to take public transit and catch your flight at Calgary International Airport you can take route 100 North Pointe/Airport/McKnight-Westwinds LRT Station
Connection to McKnight-Westwinds LRT Station (LRT Blue Line) and North Pointe Bus Terminal
Or take Route 300 BRT Airport/City Centre for more information make sure to check the for best ways to get to the Calgary International Airport.
Getting from the airport to the city of Calgary Alberta is quite easy as there are multiple bus routes that can take you to different parts of the city:

To board the bus at the Domestic Terminal: exit Door 7 on the Arrivals Level. Cross the roadway at Door 2 and walk towards Pillar 7. Ticket vending machines that accept debit, credit card, or cash are located here.

To board the bus from the International Terminal: exit Door 15 on the Arrivals Level. Cross the roadway and stand at Pillar 32. Ticket vending machines that accept debit, credit card, or cash are located here. 

Alternatively, bus tickets can also be purchased at the 7-Eleven stores on Arrivals near Door 10. 

Otherwise, you can take a taxi for approximately $45.00. Once you’re in the city, the nearest Information Booth is located in the Arrivals area of the airport. If you’re planning a trip to the downtown area, it’s best to plan ahead and book your ticket online to avoid the long lines. Get more info about the Greater Calgary area on this page.


The Calgary International Airport (YYC) is a very large and busy airport, getting to the degree of the 3rd busiest airport in Canada, and the busiest airport in Alberta, Canada is no easy feat, but the Calgary Internation Airport (YYC) holds to that degree strongly even after the travel restrictions that came in to effect after COVID-19 and is always improving itself as it wants to hold that degree, one of the ways the airport is trying to improve is to connect itself into the different parts of the city and more importantly roads improvements (construction) that are going on in Airport Trail.

If you’re just getting to Calgary Alberta and want to check out good attractions to do in the city make sure to check the Calgary Tower Downtown or The Calgary Zoo.