Everything You Needed To Know About Garage Door Cable Repair

What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Cable Snapped?

Garage doors are probably the most used movable unit in your home, yet its maintenance is often ignored. Every time you use your garage, the garage door cables are put into action along with the torsion and extension springs.

Garage door cables assist in moving your garage door up and down smoothly. Generally, they are sturdy enough to work for years without a problem. But they might get damaged due to extensive usage, excessive moisture, fault in the pulley bearings, misaligned tracks, or rust and corrosion.

If a cable snaps, most people would want to raise and lower their garage door manually to park the vehicles. We will discuss some simple step to follow in this situation till the technician arrives.

With periodic inspection, you might be able to prevent a fraying cable from snapping.
However, if the garage door cable snaps, you need professional garage door repairman to fix the problem.


How To Fix Garage Door Cable?

If you realize that your garage door cable has broken, the first thing to do is to not use it. It is not advisable to fix the cables yourself, rather you should contact a professional service for garage door cable replacement.

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Though you should not try to handle a garage door cable that has snapped, some preventative measures and periodic maintenance can reduce the risk of having a broken one.

Inspect cables from time to time for frays, buildup of debris, etc.
Lubricate your garage door cables and springs regularly.
Remove debris that obstructs a cable from working properly.
If your garage door is stuck with one broken cable, it can expose your home, which could be dangerous.
In this situation, you might need to cut the intact cable so the door closes and your home is secure until professional help arrives.
A garage door repairman should replace both cables to prevent an increase in your repair cost later.

garage door cable repair

How To Put A Garage Door Cable Back On?

Once the garage door cable is fixed/repaired, you need to re-engage the same.

Step 1: Return the garage door to the closed position. Never try to do it in an open position.

Step 2: Pull the red cord towards the garage door till you hear the click sound. This indicates that the spring is no longer extended and the garage door opener is once again engaged.

How To Replace And Install Garage Door Cables?

These steps can help you replace your garage door cables:

These steps can help you replace your garage door cables:

  1. Unplug and disengage the garage door opener by pulling on the emergency cord. Generally, it is a red cord or just a cord hanging from the center of the garage door mechanism. Pull the cord until the lever is in the locking position. This disengages the carriage from the garage door opener. This means that you can now move the garage door without the garage door opener.


  1. Keep the door open as you change the cables using the vice grip below the bottom garage door roller on both sides.


  1. Then, release the spring tension. You can loosen the set screws on the springs with 1/4 turns. You need to fully insert winding bars and use both bars at the same time to prevent injury. Keep away from the bars. Continue to unwind until all of the tension has been removed. Repeat the same if your garage door has two springs. 


  1. Then, take a wrench to loosen the set screws on the cable drum at the top left of the door. This will remove the cable from the cable drum.  Towards the bottom of the door, a ratchet and socket of appropriate size will help to remove the bottom lag screw from the jamb bracket. Remove the bottom bracket, then remove the cable from the bracket.


  1. Install the new cable onto the bottom bracket, and thread this cable up to the cable drum at the top of the door. This process goes for both sides of the door. 


  1. Insert the cable into the slot of the cable drum. It should be properly set with no overlapping. Wind the cable onto the cable drum and slide it over to the bearing plate. Then, turn the drum counterclockwise until the cable is tight. Now tighten the set screws. Ensure they are not over-tightened. 


  1. Follow the same steps on the other side as well. Use the vice grip pliers to lock the metal rod. Once done, increase the tension on the springs using winding bars. Remember only to increase tension at ¼ turn at a time to not over wind springs.


  2. Remove the locking pliers from the metal rod at the top of the door and re-engage the door by pulling down the emergency release and lifting the door until you hear it double click into place. Once done, you can plug the opener back in.

You might need some necessary tools and appliances for the process. Else, you can contact a professional garage door repairman to get your garage door cable repair done. 

Why Does Your Garage Door Cable Keep Snapping?

Garage door cables are under a lot of tension, but they mostly last a long time. However, wear and tear and damage from the harsh weather can always take a toll on them. Here are some other factors that can lead to the cables getting damaged.

1. Improper installation:
Garage door springs and cables must be installed properly and tensioned correctly according to the size of the garage door. Improper installation can lead to cable problems if the tension is too strong or weak.

2. Mismatch of cables:
When heavier and taller doors are fitted with small cables, they can snap as they need bigger drums to accommodate the length of these cables.

3. Obstruction:
If the garage safeguard feature is faulty or lacking, it will get obstructed while closing. This often causes the cable on the side to get loose, and finally, it snaps.

4. Damage of garage door torsion spring:
If the garage door torsion springs are broken or damaged, the cables will lose tension and fray. If the door is open when it snaps, it will come crashing down.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Garage Door Cable?

A trained technician will be able to assess and give an estimate for the repair. Repair cost mainly includes the price of new cables (approx between $100 to $400), installation, and labor cost. 

If a garage door cable breaks, the garage door may run off the track, so the alignment of the same needs to be done, which sometimes might lead to extra cost. 

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Most cable replacements are straightforward and can be handled by our trained technicians. Sometimes, there might be an underlying cause for a cable failure. So, it is better to get a thorough check-up done by a professional to prevent any significant failures in the future.