Helpful Tips For Garage Door Maintenance In Calgary

Annual garage door maintenance will improve the overall performance of your garage door. Plus, you can avoid emergencies if you can ensure that the door is always in good condition.

Most homeowners overlook their garage door maintenance which causes them to spend more when encountering an unexpected situation.

Garage Door Maintenance

Essential Tips for Garage Door Maintenance in Calgary

A garage door inspection will only take a few minutes. Ask a CGD Garage Door Calgary professional to know what parts need repair or replacement.

Below here are some of the essential tips for garage door maintenance in Calgary:

1. Limit the use of your garage door

According to Forbes, an average residential garage door opens and closes at least 1,500 yearly, so your garage gates have to do a lot of work. If your garage has access inside your main home, and you use your garage door to get in and outside of your home, break the habit immediately.

An article from The Spruce states that a garage door commonly has 5 to 10 up and down cycles every day. It added that when your door reaches ten cycles per day, you need a spring replacement every two and a half years.

However, if you use your door for at least two daily cycles, your spring needs a replacement for only seven to eight years.

2. Observe your garage door when you operate it

Always check your garage door if you see or hear something strange. Problems with your garage doors often occur when you observe something weird, such as hearing grating or scraping sounds and jolting movements.

Your garage door is unhealthy if random movements and weird noises come from the door whenever you open and close it.

3. Clear the garage door tracks

Always check your garage door tracks to see if they are free from dirt or debris. See if both sides are clear so you won’t have any problem whenever you operate it.

4. Tighten up the bolts.

Since the garage door moves more than a thousand times every year, motion and vibration from the operation will cause loose bolts and brackets. See if these parts are always intact. However, if you find any open, use a socket wrench to tighten them.

5. Check the garage door rollers

Check if your garage door rollers are worn and broken to replace them. The Spruce also said in the article that rollers should be inspected at least twice a year and replaced every five to seven years as part of your garage door maintenance in Calgary.

6. Ensure the moving parts are well-lubricated

Ensure that the moving parts of your garage door, such as rollers, strings, pulleys and cables, are well-lubricated, especially in winter. The cold season makes these moving parts dry quickly. If these items are dry, they add stress and pressure on the work of the rollers and door openers.

Spray a lubricant like white lithium grease or apply a WD-40 and remove the excess. Do this at least twice a year, depending on how dry the weather is.

7. Examine the door balance

Examine if your garage door is adequately balanced whenever you open and close it. Because if it’s not, the garage door opener will have to work harder, which will cause it to be damaged easier. Ensure that your door is well-balanced with the spring so it won’t take too much force to operate.

To know if your garage door is stable and balanced, pull the release handle on the automatic opener and manually lift the door. See if the door will remain in its place with you moving it. However, the door must be balanced and worn out if it moves. CGD Garage Doors Calgary can help you fix it and do other garage door maintenance in Calgary.

8. Asses the auto-reverse feature

Most automatic garage door openers have an auto-reverse feature. It intends to stop or reverse the direction of the garage door if it encounters an item along the garage tracks when it closes. A pair of photocells on every side of the door will enable the said innovative feature.

Try putting a scrap of the trim board along the garage tracks to know if it’s working on your door. If you notice that the door comes back in its direction after touching the door, then it is working in good condition.

Why Choose CGD Garage Door Calgary for Professional Garage Door Maintenance in Calgary

At CGD Garage Door Calgary, we want homeowners to use their garage doors conveniently. We are here to provide professional garage door maintenance because we want you to avoid emergencies with your garage gates.

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