Achieve it successful garage door repair spring in Calgary

A broken garage door spring in Calgary is a no-no for garage gates. No one wants a faulty garage door because of a damaged spring. Opening and closing your door with a broken spring could be dangerous, and forcing it to operate might destroy your garage door.


Since it has a significant role in the overall performance, you want it to always be in good condition. A professional has the knowledge, tools and equipment to check the status of your spring. Contact CGD Garage Door Calgary for repairs or replacement if you encounter a broken spring on your garage door.


Signs Of A Broken Garage Door Spring

One of the obvious signs that your spring is defective is that you have difficulty raising or lowering your garage door. Aside from that, you will notice that your opener goes back down when you lift it at least three inches.

On the other hand, even if there is only one broken spring, and one is still working, your garage door will still operate, but you will need a repair soon. Because if only one garage door spring is functioning, it will create a lot of pressure and stress for the one operating.

You also need to take note of pulling the emergency release if only one garage door spring is functional because it tends to drop suddenly and cause an accident. It is essential to know if your spring is defective.

Aside from the signs mentioned above, a loud sound coming from your door or a loose cable are also things to consider for a dysfunctional door.

Companies do their best to provide quality and durable garage doors from manufacturers. A homeowner must know that every part of the door has its limit and shelf life. Before installing a garage door, you must consider its proper maintenance to extend its purpose.

Causes Of Broken Garage Door Springs 

How the common reasons for broken garage door springs.

1. Wear and Tear

Since homeowners tend to forget to do regular door maintenance, they become surprised when their garage door suddenly stops working smoothly. According to professionals, most springs last about 10 000 cycles. One cycle is equivalent to raising and lowering the garage gate.

The number mentioned sounds like a lot. However, you cannot notice if your garage door only makes one or two cycles per day, primarily if you use the door as the direct access inside your house.

2. Rust

Rust is about to develop in most garage door springs since they are commonly manufactured in stainless steel, beryllium copper, titanium or carbon. Rust intensifies the friction on the spring as the door opens and closes.

Additionally, the corrosion will weaken the spring, leading to immediate failure. Applying silicone-based lubricant around the spring at least four times a year can help extend its shelf life.

3. Poor Maintenance

Although, let’s admit that each part of the garage door will fail eventually. But regular maintenance will increase its purpose much longer rather than having no care.

DIY vs. Professional Garage Door Repair in Calgary

Below is the difference between DIY versus Professional Garage Door Repair in Calgary:


  • Not having enough tools and equipment for the repair or replacement
  • The problem may become even worse
  • Incorrect repairs or replacements
  • Do the project on your own time

Meanwhile, professionals:

  • Save you more time and money
  • Provide the right tools and equipment, and have the enough experience
  • Offers warranty
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • They have insurance

How To Choose A Dependable Garage Door Repair Company

All garage door repair in Calgary claims they are the community’s most trusted company. But you have to choose the exemplary service for you carefully. Below are some of the qualifications for looking for a reliable garage door repair company.

1. Transparency

You will know the company is reliable when transparent with everything, especially regarding payment. They are also honest if one part of your door needs replacement or a simple repair.

2. Punctual

Punctuality is a must for every business. You will know a company values their work and respect its clients by quickly arriving on time and responding to messages.

3. They Have Open Ears

Professional companies always have open ears to hear customers’ concerns and questions. They pay attention and genuinely respond when you speak with their representatives.

4. They Use Quality Material

Reliable garage door repair company only uses the most quality materials manufactured by the most credible providers.

Cost Of Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

According to HomeAdvisor, a garage door repair spring usually ranges between $150 to $350 for both the materials needed and the labour for the technician. Meanwhile, installing a multi-door garage might cost around $500.

Maintenance Tips To Prevent Future Problems

Always do regular maintenance to avoid a sudden malfunction with your garage door. Here are some maintenance tips for your garage door.

  1. Be familiar with your garage door
  2. Always clean the garage door tracks and other parts
  3. Apply lubricant
  4. Inspect the weatherstripping
  5. Do a safety test
  6. Check the details of the garage door

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